Our Mission

Everyone seems to have a mission statement these days. In a mission statement you can read about the primary aims of an organisation. Our mission is to do the mission of the Church, that is, to make the Lord Jesus known and loved. To do this we call on the spiritual resources of the Roman Catholic Church. The more we are able to deepen our faith and live out our faith in the practical daily happening, the more our mission to bring about the Kingdom of God comes to fruition.

There are many websites throughout the world who share in our mission. This site is specifically aimed at the Roman Catholic Community in the British Isles. As such it is our aim to become a Roman Catholic "Mega Site" for the British Isles.

An Online Resource

Our primary object is to promote education in Roman Catholic life and faith. We do this by encouraging you to participate in electronic forums, seminars and conferences where you may meet with other like minded people for instruction, examination and discussion in and of subject relevant to Roman Catholic life and faith.

As a secondary aim, we have gathered together a large selection of resources, literature, publications, and devotional items. These are provided so that you may further deepen your faith and your understanding of your faith. We hope that you will browse often in our library, soaking up our deep and varied tradition.