The Holy Rosary

The Rosary is the story of the New Testament. Through the beads we follow the life the life of Jesus and Mary.

We follow Jesus from the moment the Holy Spirit came down on Mary, through his childhood, his cruel death on the cross, the joy of Easter when he rose from the dead, to the day he ascended to Heaven in glory.

We follow Mary from the day the Archangel Gabriel came to ask her to become the Mother of Christ, to the day she was crowned Queen of Heaven.

How to Pray the Rosary

The Rosary is made up of "decades". A decade is one "Our Father" followed by ten "Hail Mary's" and a "Glory Be". Whilst it is usual to say five decades at a time, it is better to say one decade well, rather than five decades badly.

Begin with the "Sign of the Cross". Pray the "Apostles Creed" holding the crucifix and continue on the straight piece of the Rosary with one "Our Father", three "Hail Mary's" and a "Glory Be".

Then, to start the first decade, pray one "Our Father". Moving on to the circular piece of the Rosary, continue with ten "Hail Mary's" and finish the decade with one "Glory Be". By saying five decades of the Rosary, you will complete one full circuit of the beads.

To finish, after completing your chosen number of decades, pray the "Hail Holy Queen". The prayer to "St. Michael the Archangel is a very power extra prayer.

As you say each decade, think about the story in the life of Jesus and Mary. There are fifteen stories to think about. Each story is called a "Mystery".

Begin Praying Now ...

(When the Rosary is prayed by two or more people, the prayers can be recited aloud in two turns. In the texts which follow, one group pray the text in bold, and the other pray the text in bold italics)

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