Can I pray online ?

There is an old joke told of a young monk who goes to his superior with two questions:

Can I smoke a cigarette while I am praying ?

To which the answer is NO. But he then asks the further question:

Can I pray while smoking a cigarette ?

To which the answer has to be YES.

(Without encouraging you to smoke, I hope you see the difference. Prayer can be done at any time and in any place)

Finding time to pray ...

In our busy world today, many people find themselves with very limited time to give to prayer. We still have the ideal of taking time out, finding the perfect prayer place, maybe in a Church, or in a quiet corner of our home. However, for some of us these opportunities are few and far between, so we have to snatch an opportunity whenever it comes.

The prayer resources on this website are designed primarily for busy people who don't have the opportunity to go to a quiet place, but need to pray in the business of their office or workplace, or maybe the computer at home.

Do not feel because your time is short that your prayer is not worthwhile. All prayer is worthwhile. The best kind of prayer is the prayer you pray best. Some prayer is better than no prayer!