Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer is designed to sanctify the morning, as is clear from many of its parts. Saint Basil the Great excellently described the character of morning prayer in these words:

Matins consecrates to God the first movements of our minds and hearts; no other care should engage us before we have been moved with the thought of God, as it is written, "I thought of God and sighed" (Ps 76:4), nor should the body undertake any work before we have done what is said, "I say this prayer to you, Lord, for at daybreak you listen for my voice; and at dawn I hold myself in readiness for you, I watch for you" (Ps 5:4-5)

This Hour, recited as the light of a new day dawns, recalls the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the true light, enlightening every person (cf John 1:9), 'the Sun of Justice' (Malachi 4:2), 'arising on high' (Luke 1:78). Thus the remark of Saint Cyprian may be well understood:

We should pray in the morning to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord with morning prayer.

(From the General Instruction on The Liturgy of the Hours)

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