Mass Readings

The Church has always venerated the divine Scriptures as she venerated the Body of the Lord, in so far as she never ceases, particularly in the sacred liturgy, to partake of the bread of life and to offer it to the faithful from the one table of the Word of God and the Body of Christ.

She has always regarded, and continues to regard the Scriptures, taken together with sacred Tradition, as the supreme rule of her faith. For, since that are inspired by God and committed to writing once and for all time, they present God's own Word in an unalterable form, and they make the voice of the Holy Spirit sound again and again in the words of prophets and apostles.

(From the Vatican II Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation)

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The mass readings are provided courtesy of EWTN.COM for the purpose of prayerful reading in union with the whole Church, or in preparation for participation in the Mass.

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