Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer is celebrated in the evening when the day is drawing to a close, so that 'we may give thanks for what has been given us during the day, or for the things we have done during it'.

We also call to mind our redemption, through the prayer we offer 'like incense in the sight of the Lord', and in which 'the raising up of our hands' becomes 'an evening sacrifice'. This 'evening sacrifice' 'may be more fully understood as that true evening sacrifice which was given in the evening by our Lord and Saviour when he instituted the most holy mysteries of the Church at supper with his apostles; or which on the following day he offered for all time to his Father by the raising up of his hands for the salvation of the whole world'.

Placing our hope in that Sun which never sets, 'we pray and beg that his light may shine on us again; we pray that Christ may come bringing the grace of eternal light'.

Finally, in this Hour, we join with the Eastern Churches and invoke blessed Jesus Christ, the Light of our Heavenly Father's sacred and eternal glory; as the sun sets we behold the evening light and sing to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit ...'

(From the General Instruction on The Liturgy of the Hours)

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